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Re: So many cavities, so little time.

sometimes I hear my kids need this and that at the dentist too and i think, REALLY? i cant even see it and its baby teeth. it its bad, i will fill it in X amount of time. but most of the teeth fell out cause they were baby teeth. then to me, thats a dumb investment to have that tooth fall out. yeah i hear but it could take a yr to fall out. well it could also take over 2 yr before that cavity gets huge if I am making sure its cleaned well. yep, sure enough one of my kids tooth from a yr ago has not gotten bigger at all. its going to fall out in 6-8 month i would guess since it was once of his first teeth to come in. yeah thats $250 to fill it too.
now I have had a 5 yr old need 6 fillings cause she has deep grooves like one mama stated here. these were bad and I got them filled and one tooth still cracked so it was yanked.
I also had one child who was 7 that had a cavity that progressed quick, the dentist said so a root canal. ah NO way. $2000 on a molar? we had it yanked for $200 and saved all that money and guess what his wisdom tooth took its place
my ever so long point is,
I agree, dentists sometimes want to do preventive care on teeth that dont REALLY need it. they want to be aggressive when some of us cant afford that. if you feel uncomfy, get a new dr. i preferred the old days when their were less x rays and dr's really got in your mouth to take a look. i had less fillings and better care!


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Random/ but my DH was told he had 11 cavities by military dentist. Then next visit- different dentist? Found 1. It's weird!!
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Yes , get another opinion. If anything our dentist is less aggressive because they are baby teeth.
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Re: So many cavities, so little time.

Find another dentist.

Dh's dentist (before we were married) said one of his fillings was unstable and he needed to get a crown on the tooth. The one tooth needed a crown urgently but there were 2 other teeth that were pretty bad and would need a crown within a year. Dh put a crown on the one tooth and decided to wait for the other teeth to go bad before doing the others. Fast foreward a year, we get married and he switched to my dentist. He mentions the bad teeth to the new dentist who said he'd keep an eye on them but didn't see anything that would indicate the need for a crown anytime soon. 10 years later those teeth are still fine. Dh is pretty sure he got suckered into an unneeded crown now and that his previous dentist was not all that honest about the real state of his teeth.
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Re: So many cavities, so little time.

Just a tip for cavities, research black walnut it can help teeth heal. Also cosider ditching glycerin toopaste (requires moving to tooth powder) glycerine seals your teeth so they cant breathe and absorb. Nutrients and heal themselves.

And i would leave a dentists office if they appeared to have a "quota" they tried to fill.
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Re: So many cavities, so little time.

I have the SAME feeling about my dentist!! 3 of my kids still see a wonderful pediatric dentist but as soon as my oldest got her braces off, she felt ridiculous going to little kid place. I started taking her to my dentist, who is an acquaintance outside of the office of mine.

Well, I am always left feeling as if they are searching for work to do. I also saw a goal sheet on the receptionist's desk that listed how much money they wanted to make that week. Really turned me off.

I posted in OT about it with no responses, but earlier this week I took my teenager in for a filling. They did the filling and then told me she'd need a root canal. I asked why I was paying for the filling instead of doing a root canal and she answered me in a roundabout way. Then she told me with the work they did today, my daughter wouldn't need the root canal for a few years. Yah...when she's over 18 and no longer covered by our insurance? No thanks.

I'm getting a 2nd opinion.
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Re: So many cavities, so little time.

I would find another dentist. I had taken my kids to a pedi dentist since they were a year old. Never really cared for them but they were local and they accepted my insurance. They filled several teeth on my daughter which I could never understand because I made sure her teeth were well taken care of. Anyway, she lost her front teeth and three came back quickly but one was taking its sweet time. We had a dental visit during this time frame. I was informed that she required immediate surgery to release her permanent tooth or she would have a horribly disfigured mouth. The insurance would only cover a little portion of the procedure. My out of pocket expense was $982.00!!!! I told them I would call to schedule and left.

I left and called my friend who works in an oral surgery clinic. She talked to her Dr.'s and they told us to come in for a second opinion. I drove 3 hours to get there. What I found out was shocking! All the fillings my daughter had did not show in xray. When I had asked the dental office why I could not see her fillings they said it was because they matched the color to her teeth. I was also informed that her tooth that required surgery should be breaking the gum within a max of 2 weeks. It broke through in the AM of the 4th day after that appointment. NO SURGERY NEEDED! It has been almost 5 years and she has never had another "cavity" or tooth problem of any sort except she could use braces to correct her bite.

Based on my experience I would say DO NOT allow them to fill ANYTHING else on your children and find another dentist ASAP!
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Re: So many cavities, so little time.

Originally Posted by tinytushi View Post
All the fillings my daughter had did not show in xray. When I had asked the dental office why I could not see her fillings they said it was because they matched the color to her teeth.
That reminds me of something else, too. I wasn't allowed in the room when they did the work on her (but I was for the exam and cleaning).

They had called me this week for my appointment reminder, and I already told them thanks but no thanks.

I've heard of FCLO other places as well, so I'm definitely going to get some.
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Re: So many cavities, so little time.

I've had a bad experience with a local dentist too.....first one tooth problem with DS1(cavity led to abscess, led to extraction, then spacer).....I thought ok with that.....then same on the other side, got a filling, he had a check up after, then probably 3 weeks after his all clear check up the filling fell out and they said now a baby root canal and steel cap .....

By now I felt like they had messed up if they couldn't figure this out when we were there a few weeks ago.

Got his records, brought him to a ped dentist(I go to the adult side and love) and that ped dentist could tell from the same x-ray I brought with me, that his adult tooth was erupting so no need for a root canal and cap? Crazy, I would have been $$ oop if I stayed with the other dentist and a steel cap in his mouth.

I've also had a question with current ped dentist where I questioned some treatment that the dentist said and turns out my questions were right and treatment wasn't was got to do with the spacer.....they thought he needed a bigger one but I reminded them that his tooth was coming up anyway.

So learned my lesson.....don't settle, question question......if you don't like them then bring your kids and money elsewhere.

Moving in two weeks and extremely bummed we have to leave our great dentist now
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Re: So many cavities, so little time.

We see my regular dentist for cleanings, let them do exams, and then go to a pediatric dentist, who is not so close, if work is needed. It seems to keep them honest since they get nothing out of telling me my kiddo needs a filling. DD got one last year and it could be seen on the xray.
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