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Re: This really grinds my gears

Originally Posted by EmmaGM View Post
She's on Medicaid so I'm pretty sure she won't ever see a bill.
She might get in trouble, here in VA they are very picky about people using the ER for non emergent care. I read something about a new rule in the works that makes Medicaid patients responsible for paying for ER misuse so she might want to get used to go to the doctor's office instead.


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Originally Posted by EmmaGM View Post
My sil has taken my niece to the emergency room THREE TIMES in a week for PINK EYE. I'm about to start using asterisks. When I snarkily asked mil if she had tried taking her to the pedi she replies, totally serious, "yeah she saw him Friday." ....

Then this morning, ALL THE DRAMA, niece has been taken away in an ambulance!!! Sil posts this on fb, does she say why? Of course not, because she wants maximum internet huggles. So what was the problem? Niece had hives.

Is this real life?
My exsil always has her kids at the ER. Granted she smoked a pack a day while pg and currently.smokes in the house (while pg btw) 2 were preemies so they all have a lot of respitory problems and are sick more often than they are healthy. Most of their illnesses can be addressed by their pcp imo.
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For Pinkeye and hives? Really? I mean I've gone in for things that aren't strictly emergencies, but then we have no urgent care in my Podunk town. Eye drops and Benadryl, lady!

I was pissy at Christmas time when I had to go to a walk in clinic over pinkeye. Normally I just use OTC drops, but I needed to get the ok to use them on my then 8 month old and our GP was on vacation.
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Re: This really grinds my gears

Oh and they can't refuse service at the er , even if she has huge bills racked up.
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Re: This really grinds my gears

I hope your poor niece isn't traumatized over all this overreaction! Shame on her mother!
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They can try to talk them out of it though. When I went on a ride along, I was a student at the time, they did this with a non emergency. They talked the ladies husband into driving her.
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Re: This really grinds my gears

Granted I don't know the people in question here but sometimes hives can be life threatening depending on where they are and if there is swelling. I have called 911 for hives but they were covering my face. My tongue and lips were swelling and my throat was in the process of closing due to the swelling. Though something tells me if this family member had visited the ER multiple times in a week for pink eye, they may not have a good sense of what 911 and the ER are for.

The only other time we called 911 for ambulance transport was when my dd broke her arm. It was disfigured and the bones were sticking out. She needed surgery to put it back together. Otherwise for a more typical broken bone (just pain and swelling) I would have driven her myself. The insurance did initially give us trouble about paying for the ambulance. I explained to the ins why we called 911 for a broken arm and it was then covered no problem. I can definitely see where most often a broken arm would not require a 911 call or ambulance transport. I have driven myself to the ER when I broke my arm but when you have a 7 year old bleeding excessively with bones exposed, it's a different story and the insurance agreed.

We live in an area where there is no urgent care. If you are sick after 5 pm on Friday and before 9:30 am on Monday or any week night, your only choice is the ER. I can see where this could lead people to visit the ER for things that may just need a dr's visit. Personally, if we have a weekend issue, I call our doctor (they have the service on when they are closed) and ask their advice. One of my son's specialists even gave us his personal cell number. Often times they can suggest something to hold you off until Monday, call something in to the pharmacy or will let you know if it really is an ER worthy issue. Plus when it comes to insurance, if you called your doctor and they said "go to the ER", they generally will cover the trip with out question.
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Re: This really grinds my gears

Umm I have taken DD to the ER for pink eye to get the drops immediately but I don't do it 3 times in one week. I also would maybe do hives depending how the child was acting. Normal actions no, possible breathing issues sure would!
Though it sounds like it is for different reasons totally here. BTW I would only do ER if I couldn't see the Ped that day....weekend. If week day, I take her to the Ped.
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At first I thought she had just waited until the last minute or it had come on really fast. But when she went to the er two more times to get the medication changed and ??? I realized she's just a dumb drama queen clogging up the system.

I am sadly going to visit later today so maybe I will get some crucial part of the story that makes this make sense but I'm not holding my breath.
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Re: This really grinds my gears

Originally Posted by thealmightyme View Post
I'm surprised the EMT's took her to the hospital in an ambulance for hives. This is very sad. That is why we have such long wait times in ER's.
we don't have the option on refusing to transport if a patient insists they want to go. I had to tie up my ambulance for a man with a cold earlier this week. unfortunately, we spend a lot of time being a taxi and then not being available for a true emergency should it come in. what people who pull that kind of stuff don't understand, is that there is a spot on our billing paperwork to check off if the transport was necessary or if the person could have gone by othe rmeans of transportation. if/when we check off that it wasn't necessary, the insurance does not generally pay the bill, which with our ambulance just a ride from town to the hospital is roughly $800. the fee goes up from there when you start adding in meds and procedures.
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