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Re: When you started bfing did you set long term goals?

I set "practical" goals, and "dream" goals with DD2. My practical goals started small - I wanted to make it to 6 weeks, somethign I didn't manage with her sister. Then 3 months, then 6 months. My dream goal was always to nurse to the end of my mat leave, which since I went off work early due to complications was 11 months. If our nursing relationship did not survive me going back to work, I would be ok with it. Yesterday she turned 14 mos, and we're still nursing, not often, but we are.


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This is my first (perhaps only) and my initial goal was six months. After two weeks I realized that it might be harder than expected so I just went day by day. Then things improved after three months, even better after four months, and it's great now at almost six months. EBF - six months, and then we will see about solids. The overall goal now is to make it past "teething." As long as we are both happy, I can see it continuing until he has had enough, but before three years old!
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Re: When you started bfing did you set long term goals?

I take it day by day. We've made it to 6 months, and I'm very proud of that. Since I work full time and pump while away, it has been a bit difficult at times.
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Re: When you started bfing did you set long term goals?

My intention is for my babies to decide when they are ready to wean. I had a very very difficult time with DS1 (and almost no supply, just droplets), so that broke my heart.
DS2 was better, and he self-weaned at age 3.
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Re: When you started bfing did you set long term goals?

Before my first was born, I set a firm, no-excuses goal to make it 6 months. When he was a couple of months old that goal changed to 12 months. Fortunately, nursing him was easy, and by the time he was 6 months old I was planning to let him nurse as much as he wanted until he was 2 or so, then re-evaluate. He self weaned at 15 months when I was 25 weeks pregnant, and I was a little bit sad but happy that we'd managed those 15 months.

With DD, I knew (hoped) she'd nurse for the first year at least, but I didn't set any goals beyond that. She weaned at 17 months (pregnant again) and I'm happy with that experience, too.
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My goal with my older children was 2 years. I made it to 20.5 months with my oldest and 23.5 months with my middle child. With the twins, my goal is one year, though--I have a feeling I'll be feeling pretty done by then, and since I'm going back to work a substantial job (20 hrs/wk) for the first time since having kids (this month!), I will be away from them more often than I ever was from my olders, so I think an earlier weaning process is inevitable.
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Re: When you started bfing did you set long term goals?

When I had my first child I was so worried I wouldn't make it to a year I threw away the formula samples the hospital sent home so I wouldn't be tempted to use them. I didn't have a pump with her. No freezer stash of course. She wound up nursing to close to 4 years of age.

My second I determined to match my first. I did have issues with him that required me to pump and syringe feed for a few days. Fortunately my mother found a pump for $5 at a garage sale. I only needed to pump for like 3-4 days. No freezer stash with him either. He also nursed for almost 4 years.

My third I want to make it to 4 years if ds2 wants to. He, though, has been the only one I have been tempted to wean early. He has been the most demanding and needy of my 3 children. Although currently just turned 2 he still tends to nurse hourly and sometimes it is only 10 minutes between finishing one nursing session before wanting to nurse again. He is currently nursing right now.

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Re: When you started bfing did you set long term goals?

With DD1, I wanted to make it to 6 weeks. It was super super hard. We really struggled. I ended up nursing her until 20mo.

With DD2, I didn't set any goals. We nursed until she weaned at 22mo.
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Re: When you started bfing did you set long term goals?

I was lucky enough to be surrounded by women who breastfed. In fact, the only person who's put up even slightly a stink was my boyfriend (who tried to tell me that I "agreed to stop nursing at eight months" -- BS!). Jokes on him, though -- she won't even take a bottle of expressed milk these days.

I started short-term goals. Before I had her I promised myself I'd give myself six weeks to get used to nursing. I'm glad I made that vow, too, because Thalia decided to come at 35 weeks and ended up staying in the NICU for two weeks. She had to be fed pumped milk through a gavage tube up until a few days before we left, and I had to supplement with a bottle until she was eight weeks old because of a severe lip tie. When we did nurse, I had to use a nipple shield for the longest time, and it was SO painful. The pumping tore my nipples up badly.

I almost gave up at my six week mark, but my mom, who pumped exclusively for 14 months for my older brother (who was born with a cleft palate), was adamant that I not give up. Sure enough, exactly at the eight week mark, Thalia was suddenly able to nurse without the nipple shield. She started gaining weight rapidly, my nipples didn't hurt, and I was in momma heaven.

She's four and a half months now, and I plan on continuing as long as she wants to.

I might add that my hospital, Winnie Palmer's Hospital for Women and Children in Orlando, never even offered me formula. When I checked in they asked me if I was planning on breastfeeding, and that was that. They provided me with a hand pump, pump accessories for the hospital grade pump, a range of flanges, lanolin, and hydrogel pads (They are a Medela backed hospital). They were awesome.

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My goal with DS1 was always to make it to at least a year and I just couldn't see myself nursing past 2. He nursed until 27 months. I cried at almost every feeding for the first 6 months so it was a battle to keep pushing forward.

DS2 is 5 days old and my goal is still a minimum of one year and after that we see what we both are happy with. Hopefully it takes less than 6 months this time to get rid of the pain so I can enjoy it earlier. Right now my boobs hurt more than my RCS.

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