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Question Knock-offs .....

counterfit, knock-off, replica, etc...whatever you call them...

*** disclaimer....I am just wanting to hear some opinions/ BASHING or flaming me or other opinions please...I am just curious about the consensus of opinions

What are your OPINIONS on giving knock-offs as gifts/prizes/surprises/etc?

I see a LOT of coops doing buys for things that I know a LOT of my friends and family would like. Things such as beats/monster headphones, Toms shoes, Northface jackets, Uggs boots, Dvds, Tiffany jewelry, Thomas trains, Legos, hats, shirts, sunglasses, pens...etc...

A lot of this stuff would make great gifts.... I *could* buy for them but...then I would need to (obviously) tell them (or parent) that they are fakes (I wouldn't want them to try to return them) you think it is tacky to buy those as gifts?

What would your thoughts be about receiving something like that?

What would you think if it was something for your kid?

Would you rather you/your kid get a smaller "legitimate" gift vs a "knock-off" that might be fun/exciting?

What do you think a kid would care?...a teenager?

would you consider it for toys for tots? ...or for boxes going overseas?

Again...I just want opinions....


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Re: Knock-offs .....

I don't buy counterfeit. If someone gave me one as gift, I'd consider them cheap.
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I would just think of the quality of the knock off vs the real thing.

Is it something that will break easily?

Basically you get what you pay for.

I personally think I'd want the real deal. But I don't know. I'd be grateful for whatever I get from someone.

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Re: Knock-offs .....

Depends on what it is really...knock off's, replicas, 3rd shift products...all depends on how how it was made. Personally I wouldn't care...but I'm not a huge brand royal anything either.

I will say this...Beats products are overpriced crap I wouldn't even buy at wholesale
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It really depends on what it is. The headphones, there's apparently a notable quality difference. my husband unknowingly bought fakes and could tell a difference.
I'd imagine that's true for a lot of items.

And if we're talking ordering these items, especially from overseas or a co-op, I wouldn't be comfortable doing that. I just saw on facebook where a co-op had many items seized by customs coming from China. They were ripoffs of a very popular winter item. I'm not involved, but I hope it was clearly explained that these were fakes before people ordered.

I don't think I'd want any knockoffs for my young kids either, due to compliance issues. The items may be safe, or they could have lead based paint and I'd never know.
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Re: Knock-offs .....

If you knew the items were safe (free of lead paint etc.) I wouldn't mind for things like children's toys (trains, cars etc.). But I think it would be strange to get a gift for an adult that is specifically about the name (tiffanys or uggs or something) and give it as a gift and not be honest. Could be potentially very embarrassing for the recipient if they believe it to be genuine and show it off as such and are called out or something. Just imagining showing someone a new tiffany's bracelet my sister gave me for my birthday, isn't she fabulous look what she got me-yeah its a fake. awkward.
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Re: Knock-offs .....

Depends on what it is. I'm not a brand slave but there are things that I wouldn't want a knock-off for. My Prada sunglasses for one. I'm blessed to get them at half-off retail but STILL...they were pricey. But worth it to me because I love the style and fit. My daughter's North Face jacket I found at a thrift store and it's a LOT warmer and better quality than the wal-mart knock-off someone bought her. So I think there's a time and place for these special brand name items but I don't necessarily HAVE to have fancy brand names for everything. I do go by that rule though that it's better to have quality than quantity so I would rather invest money into my nice polari*ed Prada sunglasses that I adore than multiple pairs of cheapo wal-mart sunglasses.
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Re: Knock-offs .....

I buy knockoffs for myself. I'll buy them for my family. But, only if it's obviously not the real thing. Like there are knock off Ergos on Ebay, but it says "Like Ergo" or "Modeled after the Ergo" I would not buy something that tried to claim it was the real thing when it obviously isn't.

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Re: Knock-offs .....

Originally Posted by escapethevillage View Post
I buy knockoffs for myself. I'll buy them for my family. But, only if it's obviously not the real thing. Like there are knock off Ergos on Ebay, but it says "Like Ergo" or "Modeled after the Ergo" I would not buy something that tried to claim it was the real thing when it obviously isn't.

A knock-off is much different than a counterfeit. I would not be impressed if someone knowingly bought me a counterfeit item. An obvious knock-off would be fine.
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Re: Knock-offs .....

If part of the selling point is that the item is deceptive, then I will not buy it. I have a good deal of discomfort with co-ops of goods that originate in China, particularly if they have deceptive markings. The whole thing is shady, right down to who is manufacturing them. Since there is no accountability to loyal customers, there is likely no accountability to the men, women, and yes, very possibly children who actually make these items. How are they treated? We have no way of knowing.

Obviously there are many boots on the market today that are like Uggs. They have names like Emu and others I can't remember. There are lots of companies making sunglasses that look like Rayban aviators. I think it's different if the manufacturer has a presence and an identity. But if the labels are counterfeit, that's a dirty business.
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