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I never understood why people cared if you CD or not! Not their kid!


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I blogged about this when I used to work for a retailer! The post was called "What to Do When Your Friends Say, 'Eww,'" and it was basically a little script of answers to different objections people give when they find out you plan to CD.

I think just keeping positive and brief (unless they're receptive to finding out more and having a pleasant conversation) is best. Once you've already started CDing you'll be taken a lot more seriously than you will be in your pregnancy, just like your childbirth preferences and car seat status preferences and anything else!
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Re: Dealing with the naysayers?

I died laughing when my friends suggested purchasing a cloth diaper service for me as a baby shower gift....."oh I am not that kind of mom"....

Looking at me now, obsessed with fluff. It's just ignorance. I didn't know anything about cloth diapers and I worked a lot so I couldn't even fathom my life with cloth. When I chose to cloth, I didn't t really mention it to anyone because I didn't want to hear the words I had uttered once before. Yup, I wore the hippocrate hat a while! You live, you learn. I'm learning to keep my mouth shut and my ears and eyes OPEN!
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I guess I've been lucky the only negative comment I've gotten was "why do you want to give your child diaper rash". I've gotten that one time and all I could do is look at the person and say "are you really that stupid?" A few of my sons doctors love them and his primary care said she would love to but doesn't want to do that to her babysitter. I get lots of comments while changing in public bathrooms (which I do try and avoid public bathrooms) like "OMG what is that it's so cute!!" Lol
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Re: Dealing with the naysayers?

I was so glad when my MIL said... 'you wont use cloth...will you?' And I said 'actually we are, im stalkin up on the stuff now' (i was still pregnant at the time) She was sooo happy to hear that someone would be 'diapering the best way' and I was soooo happy to hear that I wouldnt catch any flak from her since were neighbors lol
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Re: Dealing with the naysayers?

I don't mention diapers to anyone besides family. No one has asked me yet either. We're just going to buy them and start using them.
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Re: Dealing with the naysayers?

It's been awhile since I got any comments, but older family members who were AGHAST at the thought, changed their tune fast when they saw 1. the snappi and 2. modern PUL covers.

Then there's my dad, who was happy when I started using flats, "real diapers!" instead of the "fancy newfangled" prefolds. LOL... he and his first wife were hippie parents back in the 60s and he still thinks of prefolds as bourgeois or something.
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The only comment that bothered me was when a family member asked if we needed help buying a few cases of diapers since we were using cloth. I wanted to be like "I don't do this to save money" (obviously I didn't want to admit to my diaper addiction). I thanked her politely and said we were doing well but out dd's skin doesn't tolerate disposables.
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With my MIL it's the only thing I do right.....I'd use sposies to spite her but wouldn't do that to my sons poor bum or the environment. Have other ways to deal with her...
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Re: Dealing with the naysayers?

My MIL was anti cloth in the beginning and cited how badly it went when she tried using cloth back in 1981. When she came over to watch my DS for a few hours when he was a few months old I showed her the cloth and also offered sposies if she preferred. When we got home I was happy to see that she used the cloth. Now she defends cloth to naysayers saying "oh they are so different now".

My mother used cloth on me and my brother back in the late 70's (flats, pins and plastic pants), had all kinds of issues with them and eventually gave up after a few months of 2 kids in diapers. She is coming this weekend and I'm excited to show her what the new cloth is like and confirm that indeed I do not own any plastic pants
I'm Jill, wife to T and Mommy to Tristan 9/12 and Hayden 2/14

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