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Re: Allowances/letting your children "earn money" etc.

Ds's responsibilities are to make his bed. Feed the cats, and trash. He is a neat child. I have never had to really get after him about keeping things tidy. He likes things tidy. He gets $5 a week for allowance. Not really for doing anything but to teach him responsibility with money. He has to put $1 in savings and he is free to do what he wants with the rest. If he wants something he has to pay for it. If it costs more than what he gets in a week, he has to save. He can earn extra money for doing yard work or heavy cleaning.



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The 2 oldest (8 and 6) once a month get a choice -they can have $20 allowance or a 'date' with Mom or Dad (usually lunch and a movie). This allowance is their spending money - so if there is a toy/book/movie they want they use this money. This is mostly to teach them money management and allow them to have some control over new toys and what not.

They have their assigned chores and are expected to be helpful around the house. I suppose if they had a rough month and didn't do anything that was asked of them we'd probably not give allowance. But allowance isn't really tied to chores or behavior.

Ds is only 3 so he has a sticker chart to earn stuff. That is what makes the most sense to him so it is what we do. It gives him a chance to earn toys if he wants.
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We don't pay our kids for household chores. They are a must and no one gets out of doing them.

We do pay our kids for extra chores or babysitting for a little while. If my teens want concert tickets they have to earn them by doing extra chores that are not a part of our regular routine. Like cleaning the back yard etc.
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Re: Allowances/letting your children "earn money" etc.

A good way to have a middle of the road kind of set-up is to have certain chores which are expected. Take out trash/recycle, feed and water dogs etc.
To teach that living in a home is a group effort that everyone contributes too. We have these as day to day chores so that they can learn that a home requires daily work to keep it running.

We also offer incentive chores for things that don't have to get done as often such as washing the cars, picking up pine cones etc. We have a chart where when these extras are completed you earn points to buy extras like froyo or toys. I think this helps children learn that extra work helps give them extra rewards.

On another note we do not strictly stick to this. Meaning they don't only get extras with their points or that they only have to do the assigned chores unrewarded. That line is blurred to an as-needed basis.
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My kids are young too but learning now that we are all responsible for ourselves, our home, and to some degree each other. We expect them to help clean up after themselves, do a little general housework, and help others out, ie, we help ds do things he can't do and we expect him to help his sister with things sometimes.

Beyond that, if they want to earn money for something I don't see a problem giving them extra jobs to earn some money. It would be things that we wouldn't normally have them do.

I have been thinking an allowance might not be so bad. (I've been set against allowances until the other day). What got me thinking about it was ds wanted a $3 lasser light ring set from the grocery store. Dh and I wouldnt want to spend the $3 on something like that, but at the same time we occasionally buy something that was a "waste", or we decide later we shouldn't have spent. Maybe we will give our kids $5 every two weeks or something, to let them get used to spending money. (they are 4&6 now)
Once a kid is older though, like 12-18 and can work for $ I'm not sure how I'll feel about allowances.

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Re: Allowances/letting your children "earn money" etc.

We have certain chores they are expected to do and then extra stuff we will pay for. We have most of it set up. We have some tiny chores to help them get motivated to do things for themselves (brushing teeth without a cue, making own snack, picking out clothes the night before...) that they make 5 cents for. Some easy chores that are 10 cents. A couple for 25 cents and our litter box is the big one at 50 cents. Its worked pretty good this way. We get extra practice adding up. They get paid every week.

This is for my 8 year olds
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Re: Allowances/letting your children "earn money" etc.

I have never been one for allowance. We are on a debit system. You get so much per chore. The harder chores get more. You also loose so much for chores not done, and misbehaviour. Chores that are really hard and require hard labour can be done to get that money back.
We balance a check book, and at the end of the week I pay them if they have a positive balance. If their check "bounces" then they either have to pay me from left over money from past weeks or it comes out of next paycheck.
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