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I'd definitely go for a c section. They scare me too, but the other "what-ifs" you're dealing with would scare me way more.


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Re: Vaginal birth or c section. WWYD?

I think you need to talk to someone in the same situation as you who is qualified to know enough to give helpful advice. unless someone has had a prolapse and also a vaginal and csection birth then they really cant help. I would ask the office to kindly direct you to a patient that has gone through this before. Thats a little complicated with the HIPPA laws now but even your doctor can't give you great advice if he's never been in your place. It sounds like eventually you will need surgery and you want to stall it with a c-section. what if you go through a c-section and a short time later need the reconstruction then you may have picked the natural instead. I've never had a c-sec or prolapse so my answer doesnt mean much but I would go with the c-sec.
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C-section. No doubt.
I'm so tired of hearing about how important a birth is. It is absolutely nothing more than an obstacle between a family and a baby.
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Re: Vaginal birth or c section. WWYD?

If this is your last baby, I'd just go ahead with a c-section. That being said, I have a lot of issues with prolapses, and my urogynecologist recommended a c-section with my 2nd, but I went ahead and had a vaginal birth with her and my 3rd. My 2nd was a pound heavier than my first and had a nuchal hand (hand along the side of her head ). I pushed on my side and didn't tear, nor did my prolapses get worse. For me, because we want a big family, the risks of multiple c-sections outweigh the prolapse issues. However, I would feel differently if I was only going to have 1 c-section. Does that make sense? Whatever you do, don't feel that you have to have a vaginal birth because it's "natural" or whatever. You need to do what's best for your long term health.
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I would go for the c section. If the hospital is an hour away with good driving conditions, I would worry about what would happen if you can't make it there in time. Especially if your dh isn't home and you have no one to take you. I have had 2 csections. DS1 was a big baby and I also have small hips. He got stuck and even after 3 hrs of pushing he wasn't going anywhere. The dr wanted to do a c section because it was over 12 hrs after my water broke with meconium in it. My first c section was awful. I seriously felt like I had been hit by a train. I think it had to do with the fact that my body was already exhausted from labor and 3 hrs of pushing. I decided to have a repeat c section with DS2 because he was measuring even bigger than DS1 had been. My 2nd c section was such a breeze. I was up and walking around as soon as they would let me. I am glad I went with a c section.
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Re: Vaginal birth or c section. WWYD?

I had one traumatic vaginal birth, one crash section, and one planned section..........planned section easiest birth by far.......I remember my OB saying at my six week check up with my vag birth "OK, you can gave sex again, now." and I'm thinking "Oh, no, do I HAVE to? Still very sore. With planned section, doctor said at discharge from hospital "no sex for 4-6 weeks, and I'm thinking "well, which is it? 4 weeks or six?"

I'd do a planned section over a potentially physically traumatic vaginal birth any day.
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I would have the c-section.
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Re: Vaginal birth or c section. WWYD?

I think you need to weigh a few things:

1) how many kids do you want? If you are planning on more than 4 a csection can be problematic. Although some people successfully have more csections than that.

2) did your first birth involve an epidural and laying flat on your back while pushing? Or was it more natural with an upright position or position you chose and no epidural?

It really depends on what your answers are. If you had a natural birth and were upright and still had trouble getting your son out I'd probably opt for a csection. If you were flat on your back with an epidural (both make pushing ineffective) and if you thought your next birth could be done without an epi and in a more mother friendly pushing position then I might opt for a vaginal birth. I do think its possible to push in a gentle and controlled way but it will still put strain on your prolapsed areas.

It's a tough call especially with the unknown of if it might worsen your prolapse.

Eta: I also think it would depend on how natural minded your OB is. If he's a "get an epidural and lay on your back" type of OB I probably wouldn't bother trying vaginally because it will be like swimming against the current to push in a position you want etc.
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Yeah, no question, I'd go with the c section. Prolapse scares me more.

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Re: Vaginal birth or c section. WWYD?

I would go for the scheduled c-section.

OP, you wrote "Also second babies are supposed to be easier, but not always and I think this baby is going to be bigger too."

I had a natural birth with a 2nd degree tear for DS1 (gave birth a day before the due date). With DS2, who was one pound lighter and came 2 weeks earlier than the due date, I had a natural birth... and a 2nd degree tear, but this time with some tears to the muscles in the anus.

My point being the second birth with a much faster labor and a smaller baby did not mean less damage. There was actually more of the same damage.
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