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Birthdays are not important to me. I do it begrudgingly. I figure I have poo give them something since we don't do most holidays including Easter and Xmas


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We let them pick dinner. My parents come. We have cake and they get a present or two from us and a present from my parents.

I despise traditional bday parties. We dont attend bday parties either.
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So far there has been one every time, but ds1 will be 6 on Wed and is not getting a party this year. His behavior has been terrible and we decide we would not reward that. He still gets a cake and gifts from us. And the grandparents are still getting him stuff. But no party with friends.

I can count on one hand the number of birthday parties I had, and that includes my 16th!
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We do what the birthday kid wants to do. They want a party? I plan one. They prefer an outing? We do that. Not really a set thing.

Last year was the first time our 8yo ever had a friend party. He always preferred an outing and his favorite dinner followed by ice cream and gifts just with family. Our youngest boy always wants a party. Our oldest never knows who to invite and it is stressful for him so we encourage him to go on an outing and he can take a friend (like the movies, laser tag, theme park for the day...). It works for us. Dd is only two. Last year we had her playgroup over, blew up a kiddie pool and set up a bubble station for a splash party. Simple.

I will say though that we do big first birthdays. Like, all out.
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Re: s/o Do your kids have birthday parties?

We do home parties with grandma and grandpa and my sister's family. Once in awhile, other family members or friends are in town at the same time and join us, too. This has sufficed, up until recently. DD has been invited to quite a few birthday parties in the last year and of course we let her go, but all of them are at local gyms or those bouncy house places, etc. Back in October, DD was making "invitations" for her class because she assumed she would have a party like that. It broke my heart to tell her we would just have a party at home and that we weren't inviting friends. I'm thinking we'll have to do friends next year. At least a couple. But still at home.
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Not anymore. My son has asked to not have them anymore it any presents and for us to send him to Hockey School for a week in the summer instead. He is only 6 and came up with this idea last year; it is run by out NHL team and around $800 for the week. We do let him invite friends over for cake and juice and they play in the backyard, pretty much a play date with cake

My daughter is 8 and she prefers to go to open gym with her friends and then again we have a play date with cake afterwards.

We do have a huge Canada Day Party at our house every year, it is basically an open invitation and everyone bring food and drinks so no stress
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Re: s/o Do your kids have birthday parties?

We do one every year for every child as well. Some are lower key - 1/2 dozen kids for a sleep over. Some are big pairs at bounce places, Chuck E Cheese, etc. And some are huge every kid in the class at our house type parties. The kids love them. We have never had a problem with no shows. They have always had plenty of people.

I love/hate planning the parties, but I don't do it for me, I do it for the kid's. They love celebrating with their friends.

My oldest turns 13 this year. This year he can have just a couple of kids for a sleep over. No more big parties just because the kid's are getting older and are no longer into parties
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Re: s/o Do your kids have birthday parties?

Occasionally we have done friend birthday parties. Today is dd's bday and it is awful to have a Jan bday. One year we invited 10 girls and only ONE came due to illness! This year we are not doing parties. Good thing too, as one of my ds is down with a bad barfing stomach bug. Any party would have to have been cancelled!

We did have 2 families over for dinner last weekend- NOT a bday party, but I did make a cake and we sang happy bday.

They get presents from us and 4 sets of grandparents and we make the day special. But as we have 4 kids now and they are getting older, I'm happy we've never set the precedent of big parties.

My sister and sister-in-laws have always done HUGE bday parties and I know it is quite stressful and expensive for them. Last year my sis took my advice and did a backyard party instead of a fancy party (Build-a-Bear/ Pizza Machine/ etc). It was still a lot of work but she spent less than half of what she usually does so she was happy. She feels obligated to do WOW! parties because EVERYONE in their social circle does them.
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For one year old we did a party but my FIL collapsed and was taken away by ambulance. Not a great party (he was just fine, so we laugh about it now)

For two, we did it catered with a bouncy house and a ton of other things. So so expensive. I personally don't want to do huge things every year but DH never had a birthday party until I threw him one for his 30th bday and that's something he wants to give to our children every year so we will do them as long as they are important to him. We do them on a kid level and an adult level (keg of beer, dominos, football on big tv's) so everyone had fun
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I answered in the other thread but I will note here that we don't do parties and our family of 4 plus 2 grandparents were who helped celebrate my kids last birthday. Sometimes I suspect my sister or their cousins or one or two friends may come but it's very simple.

When my kids were really small we invited DHs and my friends and their kids along with a whole slew of family but it felt more like a party for us and I wasn't keen on that. I wanted it to be focused on the birthday kid! When we stopped having parties I enjoyed it more also. Less stress and more time with my kids.

As of now they are content to be home and I love that. We don't have to take them to an event or go on day trip like the zoo or anything. We play outside and give them 2-3 gifts and they are happy for us to just be together and to be made to feel special (because they are and they don't need a huge party to prove it!!)

As a side note my son has autism and much preferred the no party as the noise and excitement of a large group was totally overwhelming. But I don't think this is specific to having special needs. I think many kids feel this way.

Also we attend birthday parties and they are excited at the idea and have fun but do not seem particularly impressed. Lol.

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