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Have you ever "just known" something?

Particularly when it comes to labor/delivery/etc? I've never been 100% right on, but always pretty darn close.

With my first, he was due 1/1. I knew he'd come before Christmas. He was born 12/19.

With my second, my due date was 3/4 (just before my mom's birthday), but from the very beginning, I knew he'd be born closer to my dad's birthday which is 2/13. He was born 2/10.

This time, I'm due 4/27. I've had the date 4/10 in my head since the beginning. I've also had it in my head that labor will begin this time with my water breaking which has never happened to me before. I'm curious to see if I'm close this time.

Anyone else had anything similar happen?


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4/27 is my birthday!
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Re: Have you ever "just known" something?

I knew ds1 was a boy. We never got an ultrasound, or did anything to try and predict his sex I just knew. I also just knew his name.
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I knew the night of conception that I would get pregnant. I've never felt that way since and I've only been pregnant once.

I knew DS was a boy by around 8-9 weeks.

I had the number 4 stuck in my head. His due date was 4/7, but I really thought he would come at 40+4 or 41+4. I even told my parents to plan on coming to visit later in the month because he would be overdue. He was born at 39+4
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I knew the gender of each of my 3 children, pretty much as soon as I knew I was pregnant. I just knew!
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Re: Have you ever "just known" something?

The only thing I "just knew" was the gender of my 1st. I was convinced all the way that he was a boy.

My grandma, though, correctly predicted my gender and birthdate. She had a dream about a week before I was born that I'd be a girl and born on March 10th. She was right! It was neat because I was born on the 2 year anniversary of when my grandma's mom died. It was nice that my grandma could have something happy to remember on that day.
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With Wyatt I knew he was a boy as soon as the double lines showed up.
This one, I'm not sure. I feel girl, but I am still more drawn to looking at boy things and boy names
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I knew both my boys gender. My first I was less certain, with my second I knew as soon as I got a bfp. With my second I was due 12/23 and I day dreamed most of my pregnancy that he would come 2 weeks early on a Tuesday. I went to my 38 week appointment and I was almost 4 cm. she stripped my membranes and he was born the next day on a tuesday! It was funny because I tried to convince myself he wouldn't come till after Christmas, so I wouldn't be disappointed, but I knew he'd be early.
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Re: Have you ever "just known" something?

I *knew* my middle was going to be born at 39 weeks 4 days and would weigh 7 lbs 8 oz. I had several dreams that all reconfirmed this belief. She ended up being born at 41 weeks 4 days and was 9 lbs 6 oz. I was WAY off.

I did know my oldest was a girl, I had no doubt from the beginning. I also knew my 2nd was a girl. My 3rd I wasn't completely sure about but I had a feeling she was a girl too. This time I could not nail down a gender at all. I kept going back and forth and found out at 20 weeks that I was having boy/girl twins. I'm guessing it was the fact that I was carrying both that made it hard for me to nail down a gender but I certainly had no feelings that I was even having twins.
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Re: Have you ever "just known" something?

With ds2 I wanted a vbac but I early on and I knew there was going to be an umbilical cord issue. I just remember hearing stories or reading stories about umbilical cords. With my first I didn't worry about it and didn't here many stories about the umbilical cord. Everytime I heard or read a story it really alerted me to be a "sign." When I moved while pregnant my new Ob made me get an us and they saw low amniotic fluid but nothing wrong with the cord. I took it as another sign. I knew baby would be ok but I decided not to chance and go with cs. I went into labor with ds2 and when I got to the hospital I was already 6cm dilated which is odd bc with all my other pregnancies I always hung out at 3cm. The midwife tried to talk me into vbac but I just said no I'm going with the cs. When I had ds2 he had a bunch of new loose knots in his cord that had just happened. If I went for vbac it would have been the policy of the hospital to take ds2 into cs.

With dd1 I knew immediately I was pregnant. Strange but I felt fluttering on my side. I Knew I wanted and was going to have my vbac. I know everyone but dh thought I was nuts but I knew everything was going to be ok and it was going to go fine. I didn't have the same "signs" I had with ds2. I also knew she was a girl but didn't say anything bc I felt I would somehow jinx it.

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