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diptheria and body's resistance to infection

back when landon first got allergy tested we'd also started on breathing treatments for his RAD and allergy meds as well. Everything helped hands down. Shortly afterwards in feb 2008 we got his 15/18 month dtap vax b/c we'd not done it earlier and the allergist requested we get this and 2 weeks later see if his body was responding to the vaccine (something to do with the diptheria part if I remember correctly) well we got the vaccine (we were going to anyway, just had delayed it) but never went for the followup to check and see if his body was responding to it...I'm sorry i'm probably not wordign this right but I *DO* understand what's in my mind. Landon had had so many visits at that time I didn't want to take him back right away to get stuck for more bloodwork. that's been like 6 months ago. WE've still had repeated infections one right after the other and many we stop meds midcourse because his body isn't responding to it or his tummy gets affected by it and this last time when he got yeast infection I stopped antibiotics right away. He's not had any ear infections since his tubes (thank you LORD!!!! ). His tonsils were really huge and the numbers he gave us was one away from the biggest size they get and his adenoids were huge as well. We at that time felt it was best to have them removed. This isn't a question of did we do the right thing. After he healed from the surgery he was fine for a while. But boom not long after that sinus infections start up again and bronchitis. Somewhere in there we took him to a specialist for the asthma/rad stuff and they changed a couple of his meds around and that was doing great on the breathing / airway side of things. He started sleeping better and everything. No coughing during the night. We also had got a nasal aspirator machine that clears a lot of that gunk out. That helped alot.

Today I took him for his 6 month followup this morning and was not prepared to hear that he has a SINUS infection. We've definitely ruled out a certain antibiotic to not put him on. He responds well to this stuff called tobradex and will do that with a combo of penicillin (sp?) If he has any trouble with the penicillin stuff we are to stop and call him right away. He was explaining the different in how the body responds through antibiotics in sinus infections and ear infections and other types's all different and takes longer for sinus infections. So when we stop them midway because it's tearing his tummy up he never trully clears up from it. But I leave it alone for several weeks as well and he just keeps getting more miserable, symptoms build up and he is a wreck. So leaving it alone I do not feel is an option. Leaving it alone up to a certain point i'm fine with. He said feed him plenty of yogurt..which we've been on probiotics off and on but just for this sake ill stick to the yogurt and do the probiotics. He said if he gets another sinus infection to take him back to ENT and have them draw a sample of his mucuos stuff and they will send it off and see what type of bacteria is there and then take it from there as far as treatment. Another issue was him not responding to the antibiotics or not having the right type for the right type of bacteria. It's not a one thing treats all kind of deal...which many family doctors always start out with a particular kind or two. kind of like process of elimination. He wants us to follow up with getting the bloodwork to see how his body responded to the dtap vax. we have to continue on the neb treatments and he's changing the dosage of the vials, increasing zyrtec to 1 tsp since's he's gained a pretty good amount of weight since january and continue on the nasal spray. I'm fine with all that b/c it's pretty much the same we've been doing but wiht a few modifications.

just curious if anyone was familiar with the diptheria and body's resistance to infection thing...and I apologize for not wording it right based on what his doctor said...i've just been in a whirlwind this morning and stinking aggrevated b/c we have to get all new refills on some of the meds since the dosage changed and some we are out of.


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Re: diptheria and body's resistance to infection

not familiar with diptheria, but to you and your lo for enduring all this....
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