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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

Logan was named the day he was born, DH found his name on the hospital wall His middle name is his Pop's first name and daddy's middle name.

Grace was named before we even knew the gender. Grace because I liked it and her middle name is her Nan's name.

We found out when I was pregnant with DD that DH's name means "the hollow" and DS's name means "from the hollow"


Andrea - wife to Corey, mama to Logan, Grace, and our newest love Joseph Michael
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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

DS was my first and being a boy is Adam from the bible
DD1 was either going to be Lauren or Molly and somehow ended up with Lauren (someone told me once that this name is also in the bible)
DD2 was supposed to be Emma, my mom was not partial to that and she ended up being Emily
DD3 is Kar (nickname) which are her daddy's initals exactly, real name is Karley, spelled that way to include my older 3 kids first initials in correct order A-L-E
DD4 is Kristen Noel (She's my little early xmas present!) We went 9mos and 3 days and almost left the hospital w/o having a name for her.....her Daddy and I had a list of possibilities a mile and a half long....but when she was born she had dark hair and the biggest brightest blue eyes and we knew that she needed a strong name.....we then meet the nicest nurses, one being named Kristin and she ended up being Kristen ( that was the one and only K name that we didn't have on our list! LOL!)

My dad tried to help name my youngest...we gave him and my mom some choices...on their 30 min drive home he shouted the names in the car to my mom...She asked why are you shouting? are you crazy? He tols her that he was testing out what they would sound like when they were yelled because I am sooo loud!

their daddy has a dauhgter of his own as well...Carrie named after his maternal grandmother
Jennifer~tattooed mama to 5 fabulous kids!

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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

DH and I have a really hard time coming up with names. For Logan I gave him the choice between Logan and Duncan, 2 characters on Veronica Mars. I was half joking and he actually liked Logan so it stuck. With Evan I saw it on a website or baby name book and it was the only one we agreed on. I *think* we're set on Christian for #3 and I put it on a list of names I liked from a website with names that end in 'an' since the other 2 boys' names end that way. DH picked 3 names from the list that he liked and Christian is still in the lead. We have a super hard time with picking middle names.
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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

My ds was named after my grandfather (Samuel) and his middle name, Wyatt also means the same as our last name as well.
My dd was named after my husbands brother (Andrew) who drowned when I was pregnant, her name is Andrea. Her middle name, Rachelle, is after my best friend and my dc's godmother (Rachel).
So that s our story!
Future children I already have named in my head..2 boys and a I am not telling what I have picked...I am weird that way!
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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

DS1 was named after Daddy - easy one there. DS2 we wanted to name after our Dads using their middle names. But we couldn't decide which names or in which order so he went almost 24 hours with no name. I'm so glad on the name we finally decided on. Seems to fit him good. Now if I could just get MIL to stop shortening it!!
Nicole, Mama to my 3 boys.

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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

Angela (Angi) Ruth~ Angi was a cousin of mine who died when she was 17. We were very close. Ruth is my Grandmas name.

Zandria Lace~DH wanted Alexandria. I thought it was too long. We made Zandria out of that name and I have no idea why we chose Lace. I think Lacey was kind of popular around that time.

Tabitha Dawn~ I just always liked those two names.

Victoria Skye~ Dh really liked Victoria. It grew on me. I told him if he agreed to having another baby, he could pick the name. We chose Skye, because we thought it would be neat to have a Dawn and a Skye.
~Lisa~Cloth diapering Mama for almost 20 years!
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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

Let's see....

My first DD is Jasmine Lael. Jasmine is DH's favorite scent, and he thought it would be a pretty name for a girl. I liked it too, so that worked. Lael means "gift from God". We actually found it in the boy's section of my baby name book, and we really liked the meaning, but I thought it was too girly sounding to be a boys name. So I suggested it as a middle name for her.

My second DD is Athena Dai (Day). Athena was a girl's name I really liked, and DH is half Greek so I thought it was fitting. Again, the baby name book was where we found her middle name. I wanted something unique, since Jasmine got a unique middle name, but it also needed to be simple because we have a killer last name. We choose the unusual spelling because when spelled that way it means "beloved one of great importance".

My DS is Shane Michael. Not really much of an interesting story for him. Had DD#1 been a boy, she would have been Dylan Michael. However, by the time DS came around I already knew a couple of Dylans, and didn't want him named after someone I knew personally. Shane was the first name that DH and I could agree on.
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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

I like gender neutral names, can you tell?!
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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

I saw Amelia's name (DD1) on a book about Amelia Earhart (not Amelia Bedelia, haha). Her middle name Grace was my grandmother's name who passed away right before she was conceived.

DD2- Susannah was chosen by DH a spin on his mother's name Susan. He picked Jolene as a middle name out of the blue completely unaware it was my mother's middle name, lol.
Victoria Christian mom to Amelia (Millie) and Susannah , wife to Zack
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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

Ok I'll do them in order lol.

Douglas Alexander: Douglas because my dh is half Scottish and Douglas is one of his clans...give in huh lol. Alexander because it's just a name we both really liked.

Rebekah Nichole: When we found out we were pregnant with our 2nd, I really wanted to name the baby after my step dad. He's been my "daddy" sense I was 3 and means a lot to me. Well his middle name is Robert. If she had been a boy Robert would have been in there somewhere, but sense she was a girl and I refused to name her Roberta we went with Rebekah. Her middle name is after a friend of mine who died when I was 14. I always said that if I ever had a girl I'd give her one of her names, so she got her middle name.

Logan Nathaniel: I dont think there is a meaning behind his name. It was pretty much all we could agree on lol. With him being our 3rd we had a really hard time picking out a name lol.
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