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Is my son out of control?

I go places like the library, and I see kids DS's age who are sitting on their mom's laps looking at books, or sitting at a table doing puzzles or playing with the toys. My son runs all over, climbs on chairs, wants to touch the computers, wants to go behind the desk or in the office. He's up the stairs, down the stairs, and around the shelves before I can even get my books in the return bin.

Luckily, we've been going to the library since he was a nb, and the librarians all love him and think it's funny, but I think the patrons feel otherwise. Most of our visits end with me literally picking him up kicking and screaming and carrying him out of there.

Is it just my son? Am I doing a bad job as a mom? I want to start taking him to more things like music classes, but they say that until he will sit still for the class, they prefer he not attend. My DH has suggested I enroll him in a daycare/preschool type thing a couple mornings a week, but I really don't want to, not yet. DS is 2, BTW. His birthday is at the end of September.

Will he eventually calm down? Is it just the age, or by this age should he be able to sit and stay calm for a while?


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Re: Is my son out of control?

hey are not a bad mom!! You just have an active child!! My step ds is just like that and I tell you we put him in karate and it has done WONDERS!! they teach them control over their own body and concentration!! It has made huge improvements and especially in school! I dont knwo how old your ds is but i know there are many kids at teh same karate school that are as young as 2. Plus, they encourgae sctrechy, jumping, really really gets alot of excersize and energy out! I highly reccomend it!!
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Re: Is my son out of control?

Wait a minute - are you sure that you're not talking about my son? I think maybe you've been taking him out w/you by mistake.

Nope I think that all kids act different... and mine is just as you describe. He used to be the very well behaved one that I see everywhere & now he's the oppositte one now.
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Re: Is my son out of control?

I agree. You're not a bad mom. Ds is high motor. My ds is high motor (it comes with his autism). We put him in tumbling and it's awesome! He is still high motor but I do think he focuses better. I also do things like not allowing anyone to get up from the table until they ask to be excused. It took a lot of teaching, but even my 3 yo ds asks and 16 mo ds signs done while he tries to stand. It has helped in EVERY aspect. He won't even rise from time out when the timer beeps until I say he's excused. And when we're at a restaurant, the same rule applies. I am still scared of the library--you're better than me!--but I see a lot of benefit from such a little rule. My son was so extreme, that sitting still was a skill we had to teach! We worked on it by doing activities where he sat on my lap or on a chair, and I watched how much time we sat. As it became easy for him to sit 5 min, then I taught him to sit for 7 and so on. It is something we still work on, and a skill needed for school. (I homeschool, but I still stress the importance of sitting still when we need to.) Some kids needs fidgets to help their hands stay busy when their body can't. I look at and then buy the things they suggest cheaper at Wal-Mart. If you or your dr think it is something deeper like ADHD, there are books out there on non-medicinal alternatives. We tried a lot of things before deciding to medicate our son, but we only medicate for behavioral reasons. We don't medicate for the hyperactivity. I feel that I can live with that, whereas I can't live with him hurting my other dc and me. Chin up! You're doing a good job!
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Re: Is my son out of control?

My DD is JUST like that. She's with my mom most days, but on my one week day home I try bringing her to a play group. Most of the moms (and one dad) get to sit, chat, etc. Not me! I'm chasing her all over the room. She isn't "bad" she doesn't hurt anyone else, she could care less if they take her toys (can't say that for most of the others). She does climb, open cupboards, try repotting the giraniums. The other parents mostly just laugh. I think it's a lot to do with a built in personality.
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Re: Is my son out of control?

Sounds exactly like my son. EXACTLY. I get a lot of looks. Some sympathetic, some disgusted, and the few that think it's "cute".
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