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CD twins from birth

I just found out I am expecting twins in November and we are looking to use cloth from the start. My last baby (who is 6) I only started using cloth when she was just over a year, so I have never CD a newborn, let alone twins. We thought it would be good to start working on the stash now, so we are ready when they make their arrival. So, since its been a long time since I've even used cloth, I would love any advice you have for someone CD twins, and newborn. thank you so much!!


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Are you wanting economical and easy washing or easy folding and usage but more cost?
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Re: CD twins from birth

Congratulations! You're probably going to get a variety of answers here...but if I were buying a stash for twins I would definitely get prefolds (sized, like GMD's) with PUL covers for days and wool at night (so little bottoms can breathe). Many new moms are surprised to discover a love for prefolds, often after trying a variety of "easy" diapers for their LO's.

Honestly, having tried it all, it really doesn't get much easier that laying a prefold in a cover (or using a snappi to secure if you want) and putting it on your baby

Also prefolds/covers are economical...much less expensive than fitteds, pockets, AIO's or AI2's, and can definitely be used on more than one baby. And I wouldn't buy double the amount for twins...only what will fit in your washer at one time and a few extra to use while washing. This will mean washing more frequently in the first few weeks, but will slow down once your LO's are not being changed so often.

But because they're cotton, profolds are fairly easy to clean and don't have to be babied And as much as I love flats (super easy to clean), folding that many diapers on laundry day would get old fast! With prefolds you don't even have to "stack" them out of the dryer...simply dump them in a basket and use them as needed...lots of time and energy saved there.

I'm hoping to begin foster care for one or two infants in a couple of months and will use my existing stash of flats, sized prefolds and MEOWS. But if I had to start from scratch and buy diapers for two or more babies, I'd want a streamlined stash...sized prefolds would win out!

Enjoy your "nesting" time and your LO's when they arrive

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Re: CD twins from birth

Congratulations! I'm sure another set of twins will be a lot of work, but how exciting

With two babies in cloth at once I would go with prefolds and covers. You will have so much laundry with two newborns and that will truly be the easiest way to go, in my opinion, since prefolds are so easy to wash. And, as PP mentioned, certainly the most economical choice. Then, once they are going through less diapers and a little bigger, you can decide if you would rather go another route (maybe something similar to what you used with your previous baby). I change all the time, but am using a lot of AIOs right now (mostly Funky Fluff and Bottombumpers). We don't use those for nighttime though. I love wool for nighttime, but I don't like it on newborns because it is so hard to put on and pull off on those little bodies.
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Re: CD twins from birth

I would search for postings from the member "march" she used to be very active and has twins. There are 2 thoughts one it, one is to do prefolds because they are cheap, the other is to spend more on AIO so it easier. A sorta inbetween idea is to trifold prefolds (so get more covers), its not as cheap cause of the additional covers but still less than AIO. -- sometimes you can find good deals on the newborn gDiaper covers which can be used with premie prefolds I believe (similar to trifolding in a cover).

I would also agree on not getting double, maybe just 36 changes instead of 24. If trifolding prefolds, maybe 36 prefolds & 15-18 covers. If attaching, something like 10-12 covers.
good luck
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Re: CD twins from birth

Congrats! I have 10-month old twins and cloth diapered from day 10.

I highly recommend prefolds and covers. I used them and am so happy I did. Prefolds (and flats) will always work for your babies--once you find the right fold. Just like with disposables, not all brands work well for all babies. Just because your babies come as a set, doesn't mean the same diapers will work for both. Prefolds will, and this simple fact allows you to purchase and fully prep your entire stash and have it ready to go for the big day, without any worries that you just wasted a bunch of money on something that wont work.

I had 60 newborn prefolds with 6 prowrap covers and washed every other day. Now I use these as spit up cloths/face wipes. After that I graduated to 36 infant prefolds with flip covers and washed every day (full load). I would seriously recommend having more than 36--at least 48 if not 60. Don't know what I was thinking. Now I have 60 premium prefolds and my Flip covers plus a few overnight diaper solutions. My twins are so different and I used different folds for each. Now my one baby fits into most overnight/premade diapers I've tried while my other baby needs custom fitted stuff, so if I hadn't started with prefolds I would have needed two completely different systems. As it is now, one daytime system and just a few different nighttime diapers. Very manageable.
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